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Thermal Management Materials for Fiber Optic Systems
Poleseís products and services include thermal management materials and assembled products utilizing tungsten copper, moly copper, aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC), and silver based composites, as well as other advanced materials currently under development. By adding solder, braze assembly and multilayer ceramic technology to the strong base of thermal management materials and electronic grade plating, Polese is unique in its ability to provide cost effective value-added assemblies. This not only simplifies the supply chain, but also offers customers more flexibility and interaction in the design and manufacture of their product.

High-Gigahertz Point-to-Point radio packages
Critical components in fiber optic, wireless, fixed wireless and Internet infrastructure systems generate tremendous amounts of heat and require interface materials for mechanical isolation to prevent failures due to stress. The heat, which is generated, must be dissipated for the device to properly operate and the fragile nature of the device requires packaging materials with matching thermal expansion characteristics. The Corporationís growing family of patented controlled thermal expansion (mechanical), high thermal conductivity (heat dissipation) materials perform these critical functions.


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